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Choosing this scheme will redirect you to the Your Retirement Plan information available on the Scottish Widows website. The Trustee is keen to ensure that members are benefiting from the highest quality pensions administration services, including the ability to access self-service facilities via the web.

Willis Towers Watson has been chosen as the new Scheme administrator due to its strong track record of delivering excellent customer service, and its industry-leading web offering. The transition is now complete and Willis Towers Watson took over the administration services from 3 October Willis Towers Watson are currently experiencing high volumes of work and a larger backlog than expected.

Your GE Defined Benefit Pension

Therefore, timescales for responses are slightly longer than normal. Priority is being given to cases involving the payment of member and dependant benefits. General enquiries, retirement quotations, and transfer quotations may take up to six weeks before you receive a response. Willis Towers Watson are working to reduce these timescales and apologise for the inconvenience caused. In the meantime, you should have received a letter confirming that you can access Your Pension at epa.

You can use Your Pension to check your personal details, model your pension benefits and run quotations. Willis Towers Watson took over all of the Scheme's administration services on 3 October Willis Towers Watson's contact details are as follows:.

Read the frequently asked questions. You'll shortly receive a postcard informing you that the Scheme administrator is changing. You may experience some delays and restrictions to other administration services during this period. Willis Towers Watson took over the Scheme's administration services from 3 October You'll be sent a letter to confirm that the change has taken place.

What does this mean for me? There'll be no change to your Scheme benefits as a result of the move. Do I need to take any action? What happens next? Was this page useful? Yes No. Is there anything that could make this page better? Please tell us what could make this page better Submit.

Thank you for your feedback.Please click here to read the full announcement In line with most other organisations, during the COVID outbreak the Trustees have been carrying out its business and meetings via video conferences and emails, rather than face-to-face meetings. The Trustee Services Team, which supports the Trustees, is also facing travel restrictions and has been working from home. Whilst this has not been ideal, we remain confident at this time that the Trustees will continue to manage the Schemes in a "business as usual" way, with the normal expected level of support from the Trustee Services Team.

As communicated in previous newsletters, the Schemes have considerably reduced the risk of significant volatility in its investments over the years. The Trustees have also previously taken significant action to minimise the impact of changes in interest rates, inflation and currency exchange rates. So, whilst the Schemes are not immune to the market falls, the actual impact on the funding position to date has not been anywhere near as dramatic as the market falls that you may have seen reported in the press.

RSA continues to keep the Trustees fully informed of the business impact as this develops. Willis Towers Watson has plans in place to maintain critical services, such as those above, and the Trustees are able to make sure sufficient cash and liquidity exists to continue payments. However, this remains a very difficult time for Willis Towers Watson staff and therefore it is very likely that other, less critical, administration tasks, will take longer than would usually be expected.

The Trustees, with the support of the Trustee Services Team, is working closely with Willis Towers Watson to manage proactively the delivery of member service. The requirement for our administration team to work from home during the pandemic has reduced overall capacity and productivity levels. You can help us manage the situation by using ePA for queries and statements, if you have access, and we would ask you to be understanding if you need to contact Willis Towers Watson or to delay asking for information if possible.

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The Trustees appreciate that this is a highly uncertain and unprecedented time and we hope you and your family remain safe and healthy. We thank you in advance for your understanding if things are delayed and we will continue to work closely with all parties to manage the situation and minimise any disruption to the services that you currently receive.

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This includes an animated video, an illustrator tool for comparing your options side-by-side, tax and state benefit information, how to get guidance, advice and what the differences are between the two. You can login to your pension account using the login box below. Once logged in, you can see how your pension benefits are building up.

If you have any questions, please use the Contact points link to get in touch. Find out more about your retirement options. New to ePA or unsuccessful with the options above? Please try our Account Recovery service instead. Email us at rsapensions willistowerswatson. The Scheme is closed for future accrual.

Welcome to your.epension

Menu Member login Jump to content.Choosing this scheme will redirect you to the Your Retirement Plan information available on the Scottish Widows website. Welcome to the Lloyds Banking Group pensions website. Here you can find all the information you need about your pension scheme.

towers watson rbs pension login

This website aims to provide you with all the information about life events which affect you and your LBG pension. Select a life event item below to read more about it and how it may affect your planning. Welcome Welcome to the Lloyds Banking Group pensions website. X Promotion A promotion is a great time to review your finances. As your income increases, you may want to think about increasing your contributions to the Scheme. Read More. X Investment options When you're a long way from retirement, you may want to invest in riskier funds which have the potential to provide higher returns.

Find out more about the strategies and funds available in investments. X Absence If you're going on a period of extended leave, it's important to know what effect this may have on your membership of the Scheme. You can find out more in temporary absence. X Moving house If you're moving in with someone new, did you know that they might be eligible to receive certain benefits in the event of your death? Take a look at your Scheme's criteria to find out more. X Marriage Did you know that if you get married, the death benefit nominations you've made will automatically be invalidated?

So once you're back from your honeymoon, as well as changing your name you'll need to send us an updated nomination form.

Nomination form. X Change contributions As long as you're an active member of the Scheme, you can start making or change your additional contributions whenever you like. Simply visit Your Pension and choose 'Contribution rate change'.

towers watson rbs pension login

X Illness If you have to leave Lloyds Banking Group because of ill-health, you might have the option to take ill-health retirement from the Scheme. This will depend on how long you've been a member of the Scheme and the severity of your health problem.

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Retirement benefits will give you more information on your Scheme rules. X Divorce Going through a divorce can be a very difficult time but it's important not to forget about your pension. Did you know that by law, pension benefits must be taken into account when joint assets are calculated?

Your Scheme administrator can give you any information you need, and you can update any personal information through Interchange. You'll also need to update the nominations you've made for your life cover. X Leaving If you decide to leave your Scheme or Lloyds Banking Group, in most cases you'll have a few options, including leaving your pension savings in the Scheme until you retire.

X Death in service There will be benefits payable should you die before retirement. These benefits vary from scheme to scheme, death benefits gives you more information. The Trustee decides who to pay these benefits to, so it's important to make sure that your nominations are kept up to date.The Fund is divided into different schedules and each schedule has slightly different terms and conditions.

Leave the Fund. You can only change your NPA from 60 to So, if you change to an NPA of the pension built up before you changed will still have an NPA of 60 the pension you build up after you changed will have an NPA of If you choose to leave, the RBSelect charge for being a member of the Fund will stop. But you can change the amount you contribute at any time.

You need to be actively at work when your DB opt takes effect in order for Life Cover and Disability Cover to commence. For example, if you opt out during April, your last day of active membership will be 31 May.

If you do change your mind during your notice period, Contact HR to let them know. You may want to take Independent Financial Advice and think very carefully before you decide to leave. What will it cost you? The total cost of providing your pension is much more than the cost to you and the Bank also pays in to the Fund to meet the overall cost of benefits. Income tax and National Insurance NI relief will mean that the net cost to you is lower. This additional charge will benefit from tax but not National Insurance relief.

The tables below show some examples of how contributions work for specific tax brackets. Again, it's just a guide — your figures might not match this exactly. This may change in future. If you have any Annual Allowance left over in a year, you can carry it forward for up to three years. The Lifetime Allowance is the amount of pension that you can build up tax- free over your lifetime. What happens when you take your pension?

Your pension is payable at either 60 or 65 we call this Normal Pension Age or NPA, but you can take it earlier or later than this.

RBS Staff Pension Scheme (First and Second Schedules)

Whatever age you decide to take it, you can normally choose to swap some of your pension for a tax free cash lump sum. The earliest you can take your pension is If you take your pension later than NPA, the amount you get each month may be higher. What happens if you die? What happens if you get too sick to work? What happens if you leave the Bank? Your pension will be calculated at the date you leave and increased with inflation until you start taking your pension.

Financial advice If you want to use a financial adviser, start by reading moneyadviceservice. There are always scammers in the pensions market. You can find out more information on avoiding scams here Pension Wise Pension Wise is a Government service that gives free, impartial advice about pensions. You can visit their website or call them on You can use APeCs towards your tax free cash allowance, or to buy extra monthly pension.

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Who can get it? You can choose how your money is invested You can get more details about each fund by visiting the Willis Towers Watson website for more information including investment performance. The aim of a balanced managed fund is to provide long-term capital growth. The fund values vary directly with values on the stock markets, and so fluctuations in fund values are expected. The fund has a high exposure to equities so fluctuations in fund values must be expected.

The fund invests at least two-thirds of its assets in shares of companies worldwide. The fund's investment approach means it will typically hold a small number of investments compared with other funds. The fund may also invest in other asset classes and instruments. As the cost of providing pensions is linked to the value of these stocks, this could be used to help protect against changes in the cost of purchasing a pension in the run-up to retirement.

The aim of this fund is to provide a high degree of capital security with returns in line with deposit and short-term interest rates. This is done by investing your contributions in higher risk funds then switching to less risky options in the last few years before retirement.

What funds can you choose from? You can choose to invest in one fund or a mix of several. You can choose more than one fund except for the Lifestyle Fund. Different funds have different levels of risk. You can make changes later on APeCs are very flexible.

Cost of membership How do you pay in? When you log in to RBS elect Onlineyou can choose the amount to pay in each month. How much can you pay in? The Government limits how much you can pay in tax free. If the amount you want to contribute goes over your limit, HR People Services will get in touch.

towers watson rbs pension login

Can you change how much you pay? Yes, at any time. You can increase or decrease how much you pay in, or take a break from contributing. Any changes you make will come into effect the next month. What happens when you make a change? What happens when you take your pension? It can be used towards your tax free cash lump sum instead of swapping some of your IPT pension or to buy extra pension from an insurance company.

The earliest you can take your pension and APeC pot is What happens if you die? What happens if you get too sick to work? You might be able to take your IPT pension early. If so, you can take your APeC pot too. What happens if you leave the Bank? And your APeC pot amount will continue to change with investment performance until you take it. The fund aims to provide the potential for long-term growth.From here you can access the secure member area of the website which contains important information about the Plan.

You can also access ePA which allows you to actively manage certain aspects of your pension. We strongly encourage you to log in and take a look around. For security reasons your login will time-out after approximately 30 minutes of inactivity. If this happens you will be asked to re-enter your username and password before continuing to view the website.

Once you have finished viewing this website, before closing your browser please click or tap on the Logout button at the top of the page to ensure your ePA session is closed.

Willis Towers Watson is closely monitoring the spread of COVID and are working hard to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on the service you receive at this challenging time. As part of these plans, they have taken steps to change working arrangements for our Admin and Contact Centre teams to ensure that in the event of any public health concern, which may potentially lead to a high rate of colleague absence, they will be able to focus available resource on critical processes. To minimise the impact of the current situation on pension scheme members, they are prioritising bereavements, payments and investment related transactions.

Please be assured that your enquiry will be logged and tracked, but please be patient as delays will occur if your enquiry is one of those that cannot be given priority. We would be very grateful if you could please continue to make full use of the information available online as much as possible and please refrain from chasing for an update; WTW will respond to your request as soon as they can.

We strongly encourage you to update your details in ePA with your personal e-mail address if at all possible. We continue to monitor the situation very closely and as things evolve, we will keep you updated.Willis Towers Watson. Welcome to your online pension system, brought to you by Willis Towers Watson On this website you will be able to: review your personal details check contribution payments get valuations of your individual retirement account access key documents, booklets and guides plan your retirement: calculate and project your individual retirement account contact key personnel, and review the investment fund brochures and regular flyer updates.

Please note the following points This is an important facility and source of communications. Please use it to keep yourself completely up to date on your pension. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, make sure you ask it not to remember your password on the Login page otherwise anyone with access to your PC can access your pension and personal details.

A Beginner's Guide to Pensions

Always keep your Unique Identifier and password secret. Under no circumstances should you disclose these to anybody as they will compromise security to your pension and personal details.

Never leave your machine unattended whilst you are signed in. Always click the Logoff button when you are finished. Disconnecting from the Internet or simply leaving this site will not automatically sign you off.

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