Spm physics paper 3 tips

Section A [28 marks] 2 questions. Answer all Questions from this section. Time suggested for section A is 60 minutes Section A -Question 1 16 marks a. Data tabulation 7 marks c. Drawing graph 5 Marks. State relationship between responding variable and manipulative variable based on graph 1 marks a. Marking Criteria For Table 1. Shows a table e. All values of manipulative variable, l are correct 4. All values of responding variable, T are correct 5. All values of derived variables, T2 are correct 6.

All values of responding variable T are consistent in decimal places 7.

spm physics paper 3 tips

Marking Criteria For Graph 1. Label Y -axis and X- axis correctly 2. States the unit at the axes correctly 3. Both axes with the even and uniform scale 4. A smooth best straight line 6. Other example exponential proportional, inversely proportional, directly proportional. Analysis of graph given 10 or 11 marks.

Find the length submerged when container is empty Answer: 5 cm b. If l is Calculation of gradient, values by extrapolation or interpolationderived values, determine values based on the graph given 10 marks Show on the graph how you obtain the gradient.

Interpolation- value determine on the graph one quantity correspond to another Show on the graph, how to determine the value of W if value of l is Interpolation What is the length submerged when container is empty Extrapolation c.

Precautions 1 mark e. State one precaution that can be taken to improve the accuracy of the readings in this experiment. Type of experiment involving 1 Light Precaution that can be taken a. Aluminium block is wrapped with insulating material to avoid heat loss c.

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Take into account zero error of the instrument. Section B [12 marks] Answer any one question from this section. Time suggested for section B is 30 minutes Question on Experiment Framework a. Identify variable : Highlight and relate the physical quantities to the closest terms.

spm physics paper 3 tips

Pay special attention to quantities which vary e. He notice that the tyre sinks deeper into the ground when the wheelbarrow is loaded. Writing Technique : i Inference 1 mark Based on observation-An initial interpretation or explanation concerning the observation.

It can be true or false. Normally use terms like depends on, influenced by affected by Observation- Action involve senses in gathering information about an object or event Manipulative variable affects the responding variable Responding variable is depends on the manipulative variable Responding variable is influenced by the manipulative variable e.

To investigate the relationship between force and pressure iv Types of variables: Manipulative, Responding, Fixed Only one fixed variable needed 2 marks Variable: Physical quantity that can be varied in an experiment State the variables that can be measured Encourage to write operational definition for variables.Click the button below and message us "spm" via FB Messenger, we will send the ebook to you.

Like you, we had also felt stress up and loss sleep because of it. After all, it is one of the most important exam that can potentially affect our future.

Having gone through SPM ourselves, we know how tough it is to do well in so many subjects at the same time. Thus, we had developed this website, in hope of assisting our Form 5 juniors to score well in the SPM. So keep reading. Have you ever wonder how those people predict what will come out in SPM?

Do you think they have some "insider information"? From there, they try to come out with an educated guess on what is going to come out in exam.

If you had look into the thick book of "SPM TIPS", there will be some sample questions that it said is going to appear in the real exam. They actually do this for good reason. Personally, I am not against it, because it at least give some idea what to study at last minute. So, finishing all Trial questions and Past Year Questions will likely prepare you well for exam. If you got stuck on a question, feel free to ask us on FB Messenger.

Should you discover any issue in this website, or intend to request for papers not on the website, please do not hesitate to contact us. Also, we highly appreciates any of your feedback on this website. It can help us improve it and serve you better. You can provide us with feedback anonymously with google form. Also we share the latest SPM tips regularly on Facebook.

Please like our Facebook Page to stay updated. Get from FB Messenger. Index Share this with your friends:. SPM Trial Paper.

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Few years ago, we are also Form 5 students facing SPM.Actually, you can answer in point form, even if not in full sentence, as long as your answer is clear and complete. But if your paper is marked by some inexperienced examiner, they may deduct your marks because they are not sure what to do. So, to be safe, always answer in paragraph form. The same applies to Physics and Biology. But for Sejarah, you must answer in paragraph form, otherwise half of the marks you scored for the question will be deducted.

But you must write the procedure in complete sentences. You should write the description of experiment similar to PEKA report. For all other sections, it is advisable to write in paragraph form, not point form. As for the readings in Paper 3, as I mentioned, the number of decimal places should be equal to half of the smallest scale division of the measuring instrument.

For thermometer, the smallest division of scale is 1 Cso you should record the reading to the nearest 0. For burette, the smallest division of scale is 0. The same applies to other instruments. Note that some reference books are wrong. As for the operational definition, it really depends on the question, but usually you have to relate it to the responding variable of experiment. Okay thank you so much!

OOhhh, regarding the apparatus and materials in Chemistry Paper 3 experimental question, should I write them separately or combine them together?? For the apparatus and materials, it is advisable to write them together and do not separate them. This is because if you separate them and you do not classify them correctly, marks can be deducted.

Essential,longman or the oxford one? I am weak at form 4 topics for chemistry.

spm physics paper 3 tips

I try to read reference book but I still don't understand. I also dont have anyone to teach me for this weekend. The book is like all question but it already has the answers in it. Maybe it can helps you to know how to solve a question. Mr Sai Mun also is the tutor for Astro tutor tv,if u susbscribe Astro you can watch it. In conclusion,study hard You have to understand the experiments and not just memorise them. Once you have understood, it will be easy for you to remember.

I have not heard of anything about the new format, can you give me more details about the new format? Is it confirmed to be at 90 each year? If i am resitting for my science papers do i have to go through the new paper 3 format????? Yes, the paper 3 that you are going to take will be based on the new format. What would happen if I didn't write the unit for the calculation. Is there's no mark at all?

AS Level Physics Practical Paper 3

You don't have to write the unit in the calculation, you only have to write it for the final answer. If you do not write the unit for the final answer, 1 mark will be deducted. So, I'm a SPM candidate and experiments are compulsory for the 3 science subjects.Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website.

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Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. SyahirahHidayah Saifulhadi Follow. Published in: Education.There are two questions in each paper.

spm physics paper 3 tips

Outline: it requires candidate to collect data, plot a graph and draw simple conclusions. Outline: No graph will be required. There are only 2 marks of quality on whole paper. In this question, first set up the apparatus in exactly the same manner as shown on the question paper. The first part of this question usually involves measuring something like diameter of a wire, length of some part of experiment apparatus, potential difference, current etc.

Click here to see the animation. Also remember to add appropriate units along with the individual readings you measure. Then it says to repeat the procedure and get six different sets of data in a table. Largest possible range is required. These values of L you have cover almost the whole range of values possible from minimum to maximum. Same applies if you have set of resistors and you are asked to make different combinations of resistors to yield different values of resistances.

These values of resistance must cover the whole range possible, like from minimum to maximum value possible here keeping the difference between individual values of resistance for different combinations common is not necessary!

You will draw one single table with headings. The data must be up to to the same precision. All the raw readings of a particular quantity should be recorded to the same number of decimal places which should in turn be consistent with the precision of the measuring instrument.

For example, you record the values for current I using the ammeter. These number of significant figures for calculated quantity should be kept same throught out the colum for that quantity. However, if you are to calculate resistance from p. Then the number of sf in the calculated quantity must be equal to the least number of sf used in the calculation or one better. Therefore, the resistance calculated can only be given to either 2 sf least sf used in calculation or 3 sf 1 better sf.

Use the full space provided. Then draw a narrow column headed, S. Finally, record your raw data in to the table which is obtained from the experimental procedure. Afterwards, use this data to calculate other quantities. Just kidding. After this comes the graph. Now what is required for the graph? Read it below! The axes must be labeled with their appropriate units same as the headings of table. Therefore, the graph you draw must cover ATLEAST 4 boxes horizontally and 6 boxes vertically — appropriate scales must be chosen to ensure this.Hello there SPM candidates!

Time is clocking by and the level of nervousness submerge with my inner-questions might be tickling your daily basis. You will only be facing such exam-related traumas only for the meantime approximately another months. Once SPM is over, you will enjoy all the post-exam joyous moments like seriously that will be the only time you will be free for a longer period of time- unless you opt for any part time jobs.

One of my favorite subjects in SPM! I would love to highlight on the exact effective ways to score good grades in SPM English paper! Do you agree or disagree? This paper involves more of technical approach rather than wordings compatibility. My tips are simple for paper 2. Do more questions and if possible write a minimum of essays per week. Do memorize all good words, paragraph connectors and philosophical quotes for better expression of your idea.

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Write as much as you can more than the minimum word requirement. Let get this right, many students that I have interviewed came up with the ideology that Add Maths is difficult. Based on my experience and studying methods, I realized that Additional Mathematics is rather fun and enjoying than tough and disappointed. Here are the sorted best tips that can make you realize the pro side of this subject. Basically this subject requires more practice and is of more technical-approach.

Its an easy-to-score subject that only requires more understanding. The tips are almost the same as Additional Mathematics, however, make sure to give more accurate, precise and simple answers as the question patterns are likely similar than previous years. Over the past years, many students find it difficult to score an A in Biology.

Many students tend to have inefficient method of studying Biology.

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Some may memorize each and everything in a hardcore way and some might only understand the key concepts. Practically, to get good grades in Biology, one needs to both memorize and understand its concept, key concepts and techniques of answering. We need to be aware that the answer schemes are quiet strict and straightforward.

Therefore, lets indulge into the exam tips for better results! Physics are more of like a calculation-based exam that also tests on its applications into daily lives like what concept is used in launching rockets?

Here are the few effective tips to score Physics SPM ! One of my most favorite subjects. This is due to the accomplished fact that Chemistry is easy to understand it only gets complicated when lack of practice.

This subject at most, does not require much memorization except for Electro Chemical Series ECS ,colors of salts, name of processes,certain definitions.You are encouraged to keep building a number of workers to ensure the harvesting rate increases over time.

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Note that certain yellow-coloured Mineral fields grant a greater yield, although you shouldn't worry too much about this in your early days. The green Vespene Gas geysers allow you to harvest a second mineral, but each race has to build a specific structure on top of the gas patch first. Get extraction of the gas up and running very quickly in each game, as you'll need it sooner rather than later.

You can increase the Supply value of your base by building certain structures nearby.

SPM Paper 3 Notes

Should you find yourself unable to build a new unit because you lack Supply, you are considered Supply-capped. You should avoid this situation at all costs. It is vital that you grow your economy continuously throughout each match, harvest more and more resources, and ensure you have the necessary Supply infrastructure in place at all times. By managing all three of these elements, you hope to use your resources and production in as efficient a manner as possible.

It's a lot to juggle, and our Macro and Micro section below contains more information about building out your fighting force.

Two of the terms you'll hear mentioned a huge amount in discussion of StarCraft 2 are the twin pillars of the game's strategy: Macro and Micro. Put very simply, Macro concerns the maintenance of your economy (keeping workers busy, resources flowing and so on), as well as the growth of your overall fighting force, pursuing whatever pre-determined strategy you've decided to work towards. Micromanagement, on the other hand, refers to the more fiddly business of controlling individual elements of your army, or groups of fighting units.

It is absolutely vital that you pay close attention to both of these elements, and continue doing so at every stage of any given match. Fail to do so and you might find yourself starved of resources to rebuild after a fiddly, losing battle. Spend too much time playing SimCity, on the other hand, and you'll lack both the intel and means to defend against your opponent's mounting forces.

Take comfort from the fact this process comes naturally to nobody, and in each match you should simply focus on trying to do one thing better than you did in the previous match. If you keep practising in this way, then you'll eventually find yourself passively improving at monitoring both elements of the game. It's a painful learning process, but a necessary one and you will get better if you persevere.

To make things a little easier on yourself, it's important to go into each game with something called a build order in mind.

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